About Us

About Us

Swonger Engineering started as a tooling design service, specifically for the stamping industry. Customers began inquiring of a facility to manufacture the tooling that we designed. With engineering that came directly from our tool & die background, we began building the tooling as well as designing. Soon we found ourselves running the tooling in production.

We pride ourselves on both short and high quantity production runs. Our “streamlined” working habits allow us to be very competitive on low volume production with the benefit of high volume pricing. Swonger Engineering and Manufacturing will work with you on “blanket” orders, or stocking programs to meet your needs. We are honest in setting up delivery and lead times. Because of this and our work ethic, we are a tier 1A vendor for 2 of our customers.

Not only do we supply tooling and hardware, but above all, Quality and Service.

Our Story

Mr. John Swonger is a journeyman tool and die maker, having been in the manufacturing field for over 30 years. John started his own operation in 2002, under the name Swonger Engineering in Johnson City, TN. The business steadily grew, and Swonger Engineering moved to a new location in 2008, to Greeneville, TN. Swonger Engineering became SEAMS, LLC, in 2012. SEAMS experience includes working with high end progressive stamping dies, including deep draw metal forming. SEAMS has the ability to serve the tube and pipe industry. Tooling capabilities include end forming of expansion, reduction, end form beads, and flares. SEAMS experience also includes that involving CNC tube bending and applications with tooling.